GWAS Summary Statistics

GWAS of habitual physical activity behavior (2018):


Link to paper:

Klimentidis YC, Raichlen DA, Bea J, Garcia DO, Wineinger NE, Mandarino LJ, Alexander GE, Chen Z, Going SB (2018) Genome-wide association study of habitual physical activity in over 377,000 UK Biobank participants identifies multiple variants including CADM2 and APOE. International Journal of Obesity. 42: 1161–1176.



SNP: dnSNP name of genetic marker, if available
CHR: chromosome
BP: base-pair position on CHR (hg19 / b37)
ALLELE1:  effect allele
ALLELE0:  non-effect allele
A1FREQ: frequency of ALLELE1
INFO: imputation quality/certainty metric from IMPUTE2
BETA: effect size from BOLT-LMM approximation to infinitesimal mixed model
SE: standard error of effect size
P_BOLT_LMM_INF: infinitesimal mixed model association test p-value